On March 7, the Commerce Department will announce an opportunity for U.S. manufactures to help decrease the burden of regulations on their ability to do business.  The President asked the Secretary of Commerce for a report on reducing regulatory burdens and improving the permitting process for U.S. manufacturers.  To prepare the report, the Commerce Department is asking for information on how acquiring Federal permits and complying with Federal regulations on constructing, expanding, or operating manufacturing facilities are harming U.S. manufactures.  The information is due to the Commerce Department by March 31.

This is a unique opportunity to seek to reduce regulatory red-tape for your business.  It is also an important indication of the new Administration’s focus on promoting U.S. manufacturing and cutting regulations.  The Administration is hungry for specific ideas to meet those goals.  Therefore, it will be vital for U.S. manufacturers to step up and provide information on regulatory burdens.  We are ready to help you be a part of this important process.