The most recent administrative review of the antidumping order on diamond sawblades and parts thereof from the People’s Republic of China resulted in the highest margins to date against imports of such products from China. As a result of the antidumping order, imports of diamond sawblades from China in the recent years have been on a steady decline. However, but for the continuation of the antidumping duty order for another 5 year period, there is little doubt that the flood of imports from China would have continued – causing further harm to the US manufacturers and their employees.

The diamond sawblade case was brought by a coalition of primarily small, family-owned companies and is one of the hardest-fought battles in the trade remedies world. The case set a variety of legal precedent including an original U.S. Pickard GraphInternational Trade Commission negative final injury determination, which was reversed pursuant to successful appeals to the Federal Courts by the domestic industry. There were other significant legal issues raised in this case, each of which resolved favorably to the domestic industry. These developments have been significant victories for U.S. diamond sawblade manufacturers and their workers, as well as for other U.S. manufacturers looking to protect themselves from unfair imports. We will continue our efforts to ensure that U.S. manufacturers compete on a level playing field, which will allow U.S. producers to produce more American products and hire more American workers.